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I created this website using the Twenty Eleven theme from WordPress. This site makes use of a child theme and installed plugins to customize several aspects of the parent theme, including:

Custom menu item:
The "Director" menu item contains three child pages, one for each of the conductors who have held the post. Some visitors to the site will be interested in reading about all three conductors, while others will simply want to read about the current director.

I chose to set it up this way (three children, landing page redirects to the first child) to reduce confusion for site visitors, and avoid extra clicking. In my discussions with clients for many different projects, I have found that some website visitors are confused by linked menu items that also have children: they are not aware that they can select the menu item itself, rather than just one of the children. In this case, the visitor would not see the biography of the current conductor. The other option, creating a "Director" landing page, requires all visitors to click through an extra page before reaching their goal, which is also not desirable.

Custom post type:
The "Concerts" menu leads to a page that combines two WordPress templates. The first template creates a page that shows all posts from a single category, while the second adds the sidebar from the current theme. Most site visitors who click on "Concerts" will be interesed in the most recent concert, which will always be at the top of this page. Other visitors who are interested in programs from past concerts will be able to either scroll down or use the Archives sidebar item to select concerts by date.