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Screen shot

Structurama screenshot


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This is a simple GUI that I designed for a C++ application for computational biologists. Structurama is a program for determining the population assignment of individuals.

The buttons on the toolbar at the top automatically perform actions that were previously accessible only by typing commands into the window. For example, clicking on the top left button (the "Load Data" button) brings up a standard Macintosh "Open" panel, from which the user can select the appropriate file to load. Users who prefer the old-fashioned typed commands can still enter them in the input box at the bottom of the screen. All input and output is shown in the central blue area.

Sample buttons

load data icon   Load data from a text file into memory

MCMC icon   Perform Markov chain Monte Carlo (MCMC)

load samples icon   Load MCMC samples into memory

number of populations icon   Show the probability distribution of the number of populations

plaid plot icon   Summarize the results as a probability ("plaid plot")

summariza icon   Summarize the results through mean partition calculation


I created the buttons in Photoshop. One of the challenges of this assignment was to create images that conveyed the meanings behind them in an extremely small (32 pixels square) format.