Voci Women's Vocal Ensemble

Publicity materials, May 2013


Postcard front

Voci postcard front

Postcard back

Voci postcard back


I created full-bleed files for the front and back of this 5 x 7" postcard in Photoshop, meeting all specifications for professional printing and US Postal Service bulk-mail guidelines.

The theme for this concert was romantic desire, with several pieces specifically invoking Aphrodite/Venus. The original design request I received was to create a postcard with a statue of Aphrodite, perhaps including some red hearts. I felt that the statue design lacked the sensuality that was expressed in the music, so in addition to several mock-ups of a classical statue of Aphrodite (see below), I also sent this image, using a public-domain image of Alexandre Cabanel's The Birth of Venus. The decision to use this design was unanimous.

Rejected design

Voci postcard reject 2


This design uses one of the statue images provided by the client. Although it met the specifications of the original request, my other design was preferred by all.

Website ad

Voci ad


I created this JPEG in Photoshop for an online calendar listing. Text was provided in a separate document.

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Email campaign image

Voci poster


I created this JPEG in Photoshop (original width, 800px) for an e-mail marketing campaign.