Sacred and Profane: A Chamber Chorus

Concert program, December 2012


Pages 2–3

SP program, pages 2-3

Pages 12–13

SP program, pages 12-13


I created this concert program in InDesign, using Illustrator to draw the image on the inside front cover. As I generate three of these programs each season, I use style sheets to standardize the layout of common sections (program order, notes, texts & translations, etc.). The programs are printed on standard letter-sized paper, double-sided, in booklet form.

The theme for this concert was "Music of Transcendence," featuring composers from the "Spiritual Minimalism" school of composition (Arvo Pärt, Henryk Górecki, and John Tavener). Since many of the pieces performed in this holiday concert referred to the Virgin Mary, I sketched an image for the inside front cover to tie together the Marian theme in the texts and the minimalist style of the composers. I also used a smaller version of my drawing to balance white space throughout the program.

Please note that the PDF version of the program (below) was set up for double-sided booklet printing, so the pages will not appear in order on your screen. The front cover of the program was created by another designer, but everything else is my work.

Download program (PDF)